Acorn Advisors Group

Our Approach

A goals-based approach to investing.

Our investment approach is grounded on a commitment to exceptional service and a belief in the importance of an investment plan, appropriate diversification, and a discipline to stay the course. Our portfolios are constructed based on a “total return” approach to investing. We allocate across a wide range of investment strategies and use third-party money managers.

Our commitment to providing wealth management has served our clients well. Their loyalty reflects our close attention to their needs, our industry expertise and focus on personal service rather than product. We offer thoughtful reviews and recommendations for every life stage.

Our Clients

Our clients come from different walks of life. The following situations are commonly found among our clients:

  • Inheritance
  • Family assets transition
  • Pre-retirement
  • Young professionals
  • Philanthropic involvement
  • Sale of business
  • Estate planning

Our clients are located in 10 states across the U.S.

The client experience

We take a team approach to client service. Day one starts with meeting the team. After the introductions are made, we explain the onboarding process and what to expect. Then, we are off to building an investment plan that meets your expectations and goals.

We strive to meet with every client four times a year for structured meetings. We hold an annual review, a portfolio review, a risk management meeting and a tax planning meeting. In the first quarter of every year, we review bucket lists. We also cover assets, major anticipated expenses and emergency cash balances. The second meeting is about managing life’s risks. We review each client’s family tree and how they are protecting the most important people in their lives. This includes legacy planning, healthcare and disability planning as well as power of attorney documents. We often invite client’s attorney to join this meeting. At the third meeting, we review their portfolio and make adjustments. We follow a strict asset allocation policy and focus on the rate of return a client needs in order to achieve his or her goals.
The last meeting prepares clients for the next year. We look at capital losses and gains. If they are planning to sell any real estate, we discuss year-round tax harvesting to offset the gains. Additionally, we often join clients in meetings with their CPAs.

Our clients have busy lives. Because four meetings may seem intimidating, we are flexible. Some clients only have one meeting per year, and we fit in as much as possible. We’re committed to simplifying the process for you, and making your experience nothing less than exceptional every step of the way.

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